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Your Wholesale Printing and Drop Shipping Solution

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Our Reseller Program makes it easy for print brokers, graphic designers, agencies and resellers to offer printing services to their clients.

Print Reseller / Print Brokers / Ad Agency / Graphic Designers / Small Print Shop Owner / Wedding Planners / Publisher / Creative Agencies / Event Planners / Photographers / Tradeshows

You could be reselling top quality printing products in just a few minutes.

We dropship to your clients or directly to you.

Buy Printing from us at wholesale prices, add your markup, and resell it to your customers.

Would you like to buy printing at wholesale prices and have us drop ship your orders directly to your clients and stay transparent?

How does our reseller program work?

  • Your clients order from you. (You get payment from your customers with your markup prices).
  • Your clients send you their files or you design it for them.
  • You then order from us at major discounted prices, pay for your order and upload your files.
  • We'll then drop ship the orders directly to your clients with your company name and address (We stay transparent.) or to you.
  • If you have a resale license, make sure to enter it in the signup form. (After verification we will no longer charge you sales taxes)
  • If you do not have a valid reseller license, we will charge you sales taxes on all orders shipped to California.
As a member, you will receive the following benefits:
  • Fully 24/7 order automation. From order to payment to file upload.
  • Check all jobs details online.
  • Check all jobs status online. This will show you where your job is: (Pre-Flight / Approved / In Progress / Printing / Shipping / Completed)
  • Shows UPS Tracking on all jobs.
  • Printable Receipts.
  • Upload Job Files online.
  • Store multiple Billing and Shipping addresses in your account. (Great when your clients re-order. Info is there already)
  • Store multiple "Ship From" in your account.
Q & A
Q: Do I need a reseller number (permit) to subscribe to the reseller program?
A: No, you do not need a resell number to purchase from us.
If you do not have a resell number, we will charge you taxes on all orders shipped to California.
If you do have a "valid" resell number, we will not charge you taxes.
Note: it will take up to 48hrs to verify your Seller's Permit (If you have one)

Q: Do you provide a website?
A: No. (You do not need a website to resell printing, but if you want one it's up to you.)

Do you ship to Canada?
A: Yes, we ship to US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

You may use our Free Templates

- If you design your own, we recommend using our templates.
- We have tutorial and Free Templates ready for several popular programs.

For questions: Please Contact Reseller Support